As Snider Hockey continues to serve more young Philadelphians each year, it’s very clear that the Foundation’s programs are working to enrich the lives of thousands of inner-city children and their families and making a positive impact on the communities in which they live. Over 97 percent of the students enrolled in our after-school program have defied the odds represented by Philadelphia’s dropout rate and have stayed in school. This year, we are especially proud of our graduating seniors, all of whom have enrolled in post-secondary education programs or have joined the workforce. To help measure this impact, please consider the following:


  • A recent report from The Alliance for Excellent Education (a Washington, D.C. based organization that advocates for high school education reforms for at risk students) classified 41 of the Philadelphia metro area high schools as “dropout factories” where fewer than 50 percent of freshmen progress to their senior year.


  • Last year, the Greater Philadelphia Region had more than 18,000 dropouts. According to the above report, had those students graduated, their potential annual earnings would have been $125 million higher than their earnings as dropouts. And - many of those dropouts will face a lifetime of unemployment or underemployment, not to mention an ever increasing likelihood of incarceration. By midpoint in their careers, our graduates are likely to spend millions on homes and vehicles. Their wages and spending would raise state and local tax revenue exponentially.


Your enduring support as Charter Members, annual donors, and friends has allowed us to keep on a positive path, but we still have much work to do. I hope that I can continue to count on your help. As you know, for every dollar you invest, I match it with two dollars of my own.



Ed Snider

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