Ed Snider was a man who believed deeply in the value of uniting communities and the importance of guiding young people to be strong and productive citizens. Out of respect for the sport of hockey and its athletes, and out of love for the cities of Philadelphia and neighboring Camden, NJ, he established Snider Hockey in 2005 to bring the “the greatest game ever invented” to children who otherwise might never have the opportunity to play.


Snider Hockey is a cutting edge program that uses the sport of hockey coupled with a rigorous off-ice life skills curriculum and supplemental educational services to build character and academic skills for high-risk inner-city boys and girls from Philadelphia and Camden, NJ. The Foundation provides full equipment, ice time and experienced coaching to more than 3,000 children, at no charge to them or their families.


In addition to teaching children of all skill levels how to play hockey, Snider Hockey seeks to instill in our kids life-enhancing values such as teamwork, positive self-esteem, the importance of hard work and academic success and respect for themselves and teammates. To that end, Snider Hockey’s renowned off-ice Life Skills Curriculum is a critical aspect of what we offer to our kids, their families, and the community at-large. This program is a template for personal character development, and is presented as a packet full of behavior guidelines, and numerous activities and exercises used to promote teambuilding, appreciating diversity, dealing with peer pressure, committing to a healthy lifestyle, identifying personal goals, organizing for success, and overcoming challenges.

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Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation
3601 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA  19148

Programs: 215-952-5271
Development: 215-952-4125
E-Mail: info@sniderhockey.org

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